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The Procipient Solution

Procipient is the next generation ERM-GRC solution configured with pre-built enterprise risk framework. GRC is simplified with Procipient.

Procipient’s ERM-GRC software is designed to help you overcome the challenges presented by traditional ERM-GRC platforms. Our intuitive interface with powerful reporting and management features and role-based credentials will help you maintain a sharp focus on important tasks.

Core Features:

Enterprise Risk Assessments

Assess and report risk across your enterprise with unprecedented insight.

Pre-built risk assessment templates ensure that you can start using the solution immediately.

Audit Management

Develop audit plans and organize the plans and documents for each risk area.

Workflows enable you to schedule audits, notify departments, and manage audits with ease and efficiency.

When audits are complete, link your report findings to the Issues & Remediations Tracking module to ensure timely follow-up and resolution.

Reporting enables you to see calendar views and audit status at a glance.

Issue & Remediation Tracking

With Procipient, you spend time tracking what’s important and avoid time spent worrying whether tasks are being completed.

Ensure your enterprise takes corrective action and makes necessary improvements.

Track remediation issues from audit findings.

Monitor program and policy improvements.

Report on the status of tasks and corrective actions.

Compliance Policy Management

Manage all of your policies, procedures, and enterprise documentation for your regulatory, legal, and compliance requirements.

Produce documentation for audits and examinations.

Link policies to different regulatory requirements and areas of risk across your enterprise.

Manage document expirations and updates with ease

Enterprise Risk Reporting

Visualize and report risk to management, the board, regulators, and auditors with a single click.

Generate PDF, Excel, and Word documents that contain your Procipient information.

Export data to integrate with other reports.

Inherent Risk & Impact Assessment, Probability Assessment, Control Effectiveness Assessment, Inherent Probable Risk, Residual Risk.

Procipient also provides you with:

Support team with a 100% customer satisfaction rating
Expert consultation from professionals with over twenty years of industry experience
Alerts and reminders for important action items
Unlimited contact storage
Multilevel user credentials
Built-in integration with our other leading solutions—VendorInsight, VendorIntel, and BCPInsight.